February 14, 2017

Why “God” Ain’t a Word Black Folks Play With

Listen to enough conversations in Black America, and you’ll eventually hear a Black man call another Black man “God.” And he’ll mean it. And not in a cult leader kinda of way, but as a serious form of address, often between men who look like they’ve been through some serious sh*t. You ever met a Five Percenter? Like a real one? They’ve all been through some serious sh*t. And these men wouldn’t play with the word “God.” Neither would most people in Black America, because God still means something deep there.
September 15, 2015

Pimp C was right: We had grills and jewels since ancient times

The Black Origins of Jewelry In the 365 Days of Real Black History Calendar, Robert Bailey notes: “Bling culture has a long history. Gold teeth and […]
September 14, 2015
Yasuke: The Real Black Samurai

Yasuke, the “Real” Black Samurai

The Real Black Samurai Back in 1977, there was a Blaxploitation film titled Black Samurai, starring Jim Kelly. It wasn’t really about nothin that gotta do […]